How we authenticate our sellers

When someone registers to sell, we review the information supplied about the seller and email them to ask for assurance and confirmation of their Category.

Registrants can register for multiple categories, but if any Registrant is found to be giving Mis-Information about their status, then they will be banned from the site.

We want to provide a Trusting Environment on our Site and will not tolerate dishonesty of any form.

If a Buyer is purchasing from a Seller who is Categorised as a Private Seller, then this must be the truth.

If a Buyer is a Resale Company for instance, then the same must apply.  We will allow the Seller to remain anonymous to the buyer, other than they are disclosing they are Reselling a Holiday or Rental on behalf of themselves or a representative.

We will retain the Confidential Information on who the company is, and this will be checked by us before they are allowed to Sell.   There may be reasons of Commercial Sensitivity for doing this, and we would like to assure Commercial Organisations that their details are protected to ensure a safe platform for selling.