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Holiday Auctions Offers an Increasing Sales and Rental Base to all its Registrants

Pay what you think is fair

Make the seller an offer

Sellers will often choose to Allow you to make an offer for the holiday. We would suggest that you are fair and reasonable in your offers and are more likely to get acceptance when you are.

Your safety is our top priority

Our approval system ensures sellers are genuine

Our sellers remain "private" to buyers, but we have checked out their credentials prior to allowing them to Advertise.

Get the best deal - 3 simple buying options

Make an Offer Place a bid Buy it Now

Make an offer to the seller

The Seller may have chosen to allow an Offer. Enter your best offer and wait to see if it is accepted!

Place the highest bid

If you place a bid, and it is the highest, you will be notified. If you are not the Highest Bidder, then bid again and see if can win the Holiday.

Cant wait? Buy it now and end the auction early

Sellers may also allow a Buy it now. So Click here to win the Auction.  Buy it Now means the Seller will accept this price for the holiday.