Selling FAQ's



Is there a Tutorial on how to Create A Listing?

You can find a Tutorial at This LINK

What do I do if I receive an offer that is less than I want

You need to do nothing if your Listing is still active, as a Bidder will be informed if the price fails to reach your Reserve.  If you've chosen to use the Buy it Now, Make me an Offer as well as the standard bidding system, then you can protect your hidden reserve price and automatically accept offers that are below your advertised Buy it Now price.

What do I do if I am categorised wrongly?

If you believe you have been categorised wrongly, please use the CONTACT link on the home page and supply us with the info you believe we should hold about you.  Please allow 24 hours for a reply.

Can I retract a Listing?

You can cancel a listing at any time without penalty.  All bidders must accept this may happen. If they want a holiday, they should Make Offers where the choice is given, or choose Buy it Now.

Is there a charge for selling?

There is a fixed fee of £2 (or the equivalent currency at the time of a rental booking) when and only IF a Rental is achieved via the site.  If a Property or a Club/Timeshare ownership is being sold, there is a Fixed Fee of £25 (or the equivalent currency at the time of the sale)