A new way to Negotiate a Holiday Let

  • Holiday Auctions now has the facility to allow those in search of a Holiday to place a request on its website for any specific location or date.
  • Just one click on Create Free Listing will enable the Seller to create a quick listing that matches the holiday requirement.  Listings are Free but a fixed commission of £2 is due, ONLY if you get a deal through our site.
  • Once created, the potential buyer will receive an email with a link to a Holiday Listing that matches their request.
  • This means that Sellers who have availability now have the facility to engage anonymously with a potential buyer.
  • There's no obligation to Bid, Buy or Make an Offer and there will be no personal contact or emails afterwards.
  • If you are Selling and you've got empty rooms then Register and check the Requests!
  • If you are Buying, get your requests logged and tell your friends how to wait for the offers to come in.  There's no limit to Requests numbers.

Snapshot of the Request Page.