List your holiday Products or Weeks, for rent or sale

Free Listing of your Auction!

Welcome to our Free Listing Auction Offer for Rentals and Sales. Of course its only Free if a Buyer is not found for you. So we would ask you to note that when you Submit this FREE LISTING, you are agreeing to a commission of £2 of the amount secured from a successful Rental.  You can now list for Free until the Auction has ended either through a successful bid, offer or Buy it now conclusion. Anyone found settling outside of the Format within the Auction Listing will be liable to a payment still and may be banned from using the site as well as risking some bad feedback.

We hope you agree that this is a great way to increase your chances of a Rental or Sale or even use as a great Lead Generation Tool. When you create a Listing of the same property, product or rental, you won't need to type all the information again, as it will be stored in a Template.  Therefore creating each week is a breeze as you only need add the date information as well as your Reserve and Offer Pricing.  Don't forget to prepare 4 Pictures before you add your listing, as Pictures will increase your chances of finding a buyer.  You can't add them afterwards, so please prepare.



Listen to Offers

Guage the market by listening to offers for your listing.

When you are setting up your Auction, we would advise offering other Options like being willing to accept offers or promoting a Buy It Now Option.

Set your Offer price Low, as you'll then always have the option to override your Reserve price.

We allow you to do all of this when you post your Auction...and its all Free, unlike other Auction Sites

£2 Commission

Pay only for your listing when and if it Sells.

There are no hidden fees at the end of the Auction Listing, only the £2 and you get your Pictures for free when you upload your listing.

For Buyers and Seller, registration to the site is free and you DON'T PAY A PENNY! You only Pay if you get a successful rental. Sales are £25 if you get a Successful Sale. Much lower than any Estate Agency.

Long Listing Duration

List your property for up to 1 year

We offer a Unique Listing Option that allows you to have an Auction for 12 months.

This can be useful when renting out weeks for your own Property, as you seek to fill each week.

Another use is for people who want to sell their Timeshare ownership. Forget Paying Commissions to 3rd Party Companies and deal direct with the owner and the purchaser.