How to list your Product on Holiday Auctions

The Principle of how Holiday Auctions works is simple and is one of its best assets.  As a site bringing together Buyers and Sellers of Holiday Products, it allows everyone to register for free and register in various categories of Sellers and also as a General Buyer.  If you are selling then you simply "Create a Listing"  which could be a single or multiple rental weeks of your own property, or the sale of your Ownership of your Property, Holiday Club or Timeshare, and then Publish it to the site.  Then sit back and wait for bids, offers or fulfilment of your Buy it Now pricing.  Once your bid is accepted, information of your buyer will be revealed and you can then proceed to make your own personal agreement and terms of purchase.  We recommend you choose a Protected Method of payment such as your Credit or Debit cards etc.

Now that is clear, please Ensure you are Registered, which is Free, and follow the guidelines below:

  1. Be Clear on what you want to do. i.e. Sell Ownership of a Property, Rent out your own Property or Rent out Access to your Property, Timeshare or Holiday Club Ownership, Boat Rental etc

  2. Login and Click on Create a Listing.

  3. Fill in the boxes that are then presented to you. Most of them are common sense. Use a Creative Title that tells a potential buyer, exactly what is on offer. Give full details in the Description of exactly what is on offer. Make it clear. Fill in Points of interest which would be interesting places to see locally or a feature of the Holiday

  4. Having prepared Four images for your holiday, choose them at the bottom and link them to your listing. These pictures will follow this listing. Make sure you have Images. You can't go back and add them later and your listing will not look good without images.

  5. Click NEXT

  6. Choose one of the Options that show what type of Auction this is. It could be a property for Sale, or it could be a Rental, a Cruise..etc

  7. Click NEXT

  8. Fill in the date of arrival and the date of departure

  9. Next select the date you want the listing to start and end. You should end it in a reasonable time to ensure you are able to allow a buyer, time to arrange their payment and flights, if applicable. (The Days will calculate themselves)

  10. Next you can enable or disable AUCTION, BUY IT NOW or MAKE AN OFFER or a mixture of all three.

    Auction is a Bidding process which lasts until the end of the Listing. Start with a low bid to help create interest. RESERVE price is the minimum price you must get for the holiday. It's your Secret. If the Auction ends and the Reserve is not reached then you don't sell and have no obligation to sell. Select the correct currency as well.

  11. Buy it Now is a fixed price and a buyer can click this price and they will be required to pay you this price, and the Auction will then end. Sometimes its best not chosen because it gives a Seller, an idea of what your Reserve Price may be, but you can use it how you wish.

  12. Make an Offer. This can also run with the other one or two options as well (Auction and Buy it Now). If enabled you can fill in a price for "I am open to offers above..." This price can be less than your Reserve price if you want. You would receive an email with the offer and you can choose to reject it or accept it. If you accept it, then the Auction will end. If you choose AUTO ACCEPT, then the auction will end if this price is reached and you need to sell to the buyer at that price.

  13. Payment Terms You should tell the Buyer in this box how you expect your payment for the holiday. I advise you take a non refundable deposit and inform them of how you would like the balance to be paid.

  14. Finally you can choose to GO TO CHECKOUT if you are finished with this Listing, or you can ADD ANOTHER DATE for the same listing, or you can ADD A NEW LISTING with a different Auction Template. If you choose GO TO CHECKOUT, you will go another screen, where you will see your listing. Finally you will then need to follow the instructions under UPLOAD LISTINGS. Your listing will then need to be approved before publishing to the site.

    Please note, if this is your first listing, this information can and will become a Template to add weeks later on, without putting everything in again. You will need to put dates in again and reserve prices etc, but not all the other info.

  15. You can create different Templates for different types of holidays later on, when you return to CREATE A LISTING. If you have for example a Weekly Rental, that could be one template, but on the same property, you could have a midweek rental, so you'd create a different template and upload both listings.  Or you could have a couple of different properties to rent, so you'd create a template for each one and keep specific terms and conditions against each one.

You can ask questions at the Forum.