About Us

Born out of a Knowlegebase Project over the last 10 years in the Holiday sector, we realised that many people who owned Private Holiday Inventory, had a need to find somewhere to Rent out or to Sell at a low cost online.  We call it "Auctionising" and HolidayAuctions.org.uk is the home of Auctionising, which we hope you find simple and friendly.  We are not Selling or Buying Holidays ourselves, but we are introducing Buyers & Sellers on a Friendly Simple Platform affording extensive Self-Marketing and Knowledgebase tools that are designed to give you  Holiday Market freedom, with the security and protection from undesirable Organisations who may tell you that they have buyers for your product.

Over a period of time we soon recognised that Listings on our site, could include many Sales & Rentals of products such as Timeshare, Holiday Clubs, Hotel Accomodation, Bed & Breakfasts, Holiday Rentals, Holiday Apartments, Country Cottages and quite a few others.

It was also recognised that Sites like Ebay, gave a complex model of Costs when ever someone wanted to sell a product, so we thought about offering a simple model which we term as "Auctionising".  This is basically an advert in an Auction format, with a few simple products.

We want www.holidayauctions.org.uk to be the Primary Location for all Independent Consumer Advice on Renting or Selling a Holiday Product.  The Advice will be from each other, as we build a truly consumer funded knowledgebase within the Multiple Forums on the site.  A Place where not only can you buy, sell or rent a Holiday Product but where you can read individual experiences from the people who own, buy and sell.  We are not funded by any Resort or Large Corporate Entity and whilst we may allow Advertising from all Travel Related organisations, the Multiple Forums are structured to inform you as the Buyer or Seller, about the use and truth of the Person and Product you buy or sell.

We Invite Commercial Organisations to Advertise their products in their Own Forum Section and participate on an open basis.  We will review this dependant on the uptake, but they will not be allowed to Participate in the Consumer Forums.

We are unique because we allow anyone who is selling or buying, to deal directly with the consumer and know the costs of Advertising up front. So you won't end up paying additional fees and percentages of your successful Auction.

We also allow you to Manage your own Record of Q&A and Holiday/User Feedback with those with whom you transact.  Its easy with our Auction Templates that you can use again and again for different weeks of the year.  Do a good job, and you can market your Auction to anyone with our Social Media Links like Facebook and Twitter etc.

We are spending thousands of pounds on bringing Sellers and Buyers to our site, so although we are new kids on the block, people will find us through our own Marketing and via searches on the internet.  So join us and take control of Buying and Selling the Holiday you want.  We think we offer what the others don't and at an affordable price.

We hope you will support our site and its growth.

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