Buying FAQ's




How do I make an offer?

If a Seller has Chosen to allow this feature, then you simply need to fill in your offer and bid.  A seller will have probably set a threshold to allow automatic acceptance, but if you are successful, you will receive an email with contact details to arrange payment with the Seller.

How do I make a bid?

Put your best price into the Bid Box and if you are successful, based on what the Seller has stipulated as his/her selling criteria, you will have to wait to see if you are the winner.

What is Buy It Now?

Buy it Now is an Immediate agreement with the Seller to pay the price the Seller has offered in the Buy it Now box. You will have an Opportunity to make a final Choice after clicking on Buy it Now.

How do I pay the seller?

The Seller will have advertised his Payment criteria within the Auction.  We would advise utilisation of Payment methods that give you cover should anything go wrong.  Paypal offers protection on some accounts and you should investigate this method to satisfy yourself.  Holiday Auctions plays no part in the Payment for Holidays from Sellers and takes no responsibility in any way for transactions between Sellers and Buyers.

Do you handle transactions onsite?

We do not handle transactions for payment of Holidays or Properties from Sellers.  These arrangements must be made between both parties as Holiday Auctions are not responsible for any of the outcomes.  We are merely an Advertising Site to bring buyers and sellers together.

How do I know if I can trust the seller?

Sellers and Buyers alike have feedback ratings and where supplied, you can take an informed choice.  There is no guarantee anywhere on the internet that is 100% free of risk when making a purchase, but as advised previously, we would encourage you to use payment methods that give you some guarantees and protection when conducting business as a Buyer & Seller.  We will also show feedback on all Sellers and Buyers, so if something does go wrong, then it will be reflected in their feedback.  Therefore it is in everyone's interest to act in an honest and moral way!

What do I do if I haven't heard from the seller after winning an auction?

If you are the successful winner of an Auction, then you will have received contact information from the Seller. We advise you contact them for further information to personally conclude your transaction.  If the Seller fails to honour what was advertised in the Auction and you cannot resolve the matter amicably, then please feedback on the Auction item itself.  It is for you both to engage publicly there, or off line whatever you chose to do.  Please do not use profane language or submit information that will make either of you liable for slander or any other legal infringement.  You will also be banned from using the site, if you make repeated entries ignoring this advice.

Can I delete a bid?

No, you cannot delete a bid in an Auction that has already started.  If you have extenuating circumstances you may contact the Admin who will make the ultimate decision whether this is allowed.  Of course this will have to have the agreement of the Seller.